Belt Adjusters

I can not be the only person fighting with the belt clamps for the Primo. The loop is near impossible to get in the clamp. Wondering if @Ryan can open up the loop a little? The holding power comes from the teeth being interlocked and that part is fine.

Yea I had to convince my belts to go in the clamps with the aid of a small flathead screw driver.

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I had to measure and cut the teeth off to get it around the loop.

If it works fine with Ryan’s parts, then maybe there could be a looser stl option for self printing, but Ryan can still just print the one he has been.

Did you print your own parts or get them from Ryan?

I printed my own and the fit wasn’t terrible but the belts did require some convincing :slight_smile:

That’s normal. :slight_smile:

I printed my own parts and it was tight but I was able to get the belts in without having to use any tools. I did need a pair of pliers to pull the belts out when I realized I need to adjust it. Seems perfect to me :slight_smile:

I printed my own. Just not sure why the loop part needs to be so tight

It is hard to design fits and tolerances for printers across the globe. Yours are probably tighter than Ryan intended, but I trust Ryan paid close attention to how tight they would be off of his printer. It isn’t an easy part to scale, so I think it may make sense to publish a file with a looser fit. But it may also be that your printer is over extruding, and filling in that gap a little.

If you’re asking the purely theoretical question of why, I can’t answer that.

Just doing my own build. Belts went in with fingers, no problem. I printed in PETG though; not sure if that’s related.

My self printed PLA ones were a perfect press fit for the belts I used.