Belt installation

I’m probably overlooking it, but I haven’t found any instructions for belt installation and tensioning. Any help would be appreciated.

BTW, I have my MPCNC fully assembled, except for the belts and I have to say, I already know that this thing is going to be incredible. If anyone is on the fence about building one, jump on in. It is a fun build and looks even cooler in person than in pictures. Mr. Vicious, thanks for all of your hard work!

I can put up a few pictures of the belt routing but I have not come up with a way to describe how tight the belts should be. I take so pics after I get the machines rolling.

Not the best pic of the routing around the motor, but you can see it.

Thanks, that’s a helpful pic. I understand the routing. I’m mostly looking for tips on tension and the wire tie placement/connection. So, you’re using two wire ties; one as a loop and one to secure the folded belt. Correct?

Yes, he’s using two wire ties as you describe…

I probably run my belts tighter than Ryan does but I found that if they’re not fairly tight then I got a lot of oscillation in the gantry movement. I’d say that with normal finger pressure at the middle of the belt with the gantry at one end I get about 1/4" of vertical movement in the belt. I’d say start with the belts a bit loose and then tighten with the tiewraps until you’re happy with the gantry movement.