Belt length?

I’m finally to the belt length part of the project, but it seems like I dont have enough, I have the normal 13 foot piece. 48" x 30" layout. I thought the 13 feet was more then enough for this because it says in the kit “any combination of 48” of X and Y axis length" is that only for one side each? I assumed it was for the whole unit (both sides). Guess I should have ordered more belt. sigh.

24"x24" (the recommended size) would be 48" of total axis length, the calculator on that part should also give you the exact length you need.

I can tell you right now a gigantic machine like that will not be much fun unless you really know what you are doing.

Put another way, you need belt around the entire perimeter. So 48+48+30+30. 4’+4’+2.5’+2.5’ is 13’. That’s very close. Unless you mean 48" cutting area…

If you’re anxious to get going, make it smaller. It’s not expensive to make it bigger later. It is also easier to learn when the machine is smaller.

Yea, thats what I’m thinking, making it 36 by 24 instead. probably a better idea for learning, just means more metal cutting for me, ugh, oh well, time to get to back to work on it :slight_smile: