Belt Shortage

No problem. All other sources selling this stuff only in 5M rolls
Which is propably not of interest.
But I will take another look early next week

Was stumbeling on that.
They have 465Meter on stock.
I think they will give a discount if it comes to a large order.
this is the shop address
What do you think?

Nice! Thank you. I have a little over 3K Meters inbound if any of it doesn’t show up I will email them.

Aren’t the primo and lowrider both 10mm belt now? Or was the shortage for both sizes?

Yup, and yes both. I am just keeping up. I emailed a couple orders with 15M+ belt and talked them out of it. That is keeping me afloat. So far I am not out of stock on anything and I have a box due this evening that hopefully has some belt in it.

Wow that’s just NUTS. I guess it makes sense though. I hope they catch up with you!

Finally, partial of one shipment. It is glorious!

550M of the nastiest smelling belt there is. 40+lbs of it. The little rolls are 8m the big rolls are 50M :pancakes:


Well, could this be a silver lining?

Shipment #2 showed up with belt I have not seen before.

Belt on the left is the new stuff, slightly thicker much better finish on both surfaces, and those cords…wowzers. The cords are much bigger, very uniform thought and tough as heck. I cut those samples with a brand new razorblade. It did not like to cut the new ones, I tried several times. The old ones are barely there and cut easily. Both belts are extremely flexible.

To top it off they are the cheapest one. I will get ahold of them after spring festival. Time to set up some sort of stretch tester.

Now I am excited to see what shipment #3 brings!


Okay, all 3 orders made it.

I think everything is going to be okay now.


Great now for the real question, how many pairs of pants will that hold up? :thinking::crazy_face:

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Can you use these to make suspenders?


Is Ryan working on the MPSS next? Mostly Printed Suspender System haha

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That might be really freaking cool, a belt …belt. 3x10mm belt with a buckle.


Don’t use the steel belts. They break under the stress!

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Arduino controlled with a stepper to relax the fit on Thanksgiving?

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