Best bits for cutting 2d parts

I think ordered by Lowrider kit last night (woohoo!) But it just occurred to me that I should have saved on shipping by buying the router bits at the same time.

I’m starting out looking to cut large 2d cutouts (no hollowing, no engraving), so which bit in the shop wood be best for that? I thought the long 2 flute 1/8th inch carbide, but its sold out. Any suggestions?

I’ll probably buy a couple types, but I’d want more than one of my primary bits.


Hey Ryan, please don’t ship until I buy the bits! ?

I like the single flute ones. Don’t buy a long unless you also have a regular sized. The one with the red ring can just barely cut 3/4" if you remove the ring. The long ones won’t be as rigid and neither will your machine, so you’ll have to go slower. So you should use the smallest bit to do the job.

The ball ends are for 3D carving and the v bits are for engraving. The downcut leaves a better finish on the top of plywood, but cant drill and sometimes gets jammed because it’s bad a chip evacuation.

If you buy them, email me so I know to combine them. When I ship them I will refund the shipping as needed.

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