Best Electric Longboard and Skateboard!


I’ll keep it short: the title says it all. I’m looking for a great electric skateboard (or longboard). Though I totally new and don’t have a good sense of where to find these and which would be the best. So please suggest something reliable if you have experience with electric skateboards. Anyways, someone has recommended me to try this reviews here Has anybody tried these products?

Please let me know. Thank you!

That website has a few decent options. I am more the DIY style when it comes to esk8. If you just want something out of the box ready to go, most of those options are good. The downside is that much like those “hover board” things from a couple years ago, there are a ton of clones or rebrands that use the same parts.

You can see that most of them have the same core components. They use hub motors instead of belt driven, a semi-small battery, and cheap decks and trucks. For a first timer, most if not all of these boards will provide a satisfying experience (assuming they aren’t DOA). But like many other hobbies, once you build your own with higher quality parts, you begin to notice the massive difference in quality of ride.

A good example are those hub motors. The urethane around the wheel is so thin to account for the motor inside, you get little shock absorption. Not to mention all the urethane those wheels use on the prebuilt boards is always hard and low rebound.

So yeah, my vote is DIY, if you’re up for the task. The level of performance and overall quality you can get is outstanding if you’re willing to put in the time. If you just want the esk8 experience flat out less troubles, then yes a cheap prebuilt is the way to go here. The KooWheel has some solid reviews.


If the distance isn’t a concern then go with the mid-size board. There are other brands like HyperOutdoor that I think is better.

The dimensions of skateboards vary from one to another. They are not proportionate and match different measurements for a single size. Hence, you should check on a per measurement basis because it will land you on the best one.

When it comes to the types of longboards, there will be some considerations to make if you intend to purchase one. Not only does the length of the board matter, but so does its flex, which is the capacity of the deck to cushion vibrations and give a springy sensation as you ride it. Naturally, the flex has an impact on the structural integrity of the board. The kind of deck you choose will be determined mainly by your chosen technique of skating.
You should also consider your dimensions as a person, how tall and how heavy you are. These factors may affect the ergonomics of your longboard ride and the longboard dimensions you choose.