Best FrameWare for Archim1

Good day all

I was able to install frameware 507 using platforIO and install it but when I give command to my cnc using manual control in Repetier-Host my 2 motors don’t run at the same speed X1 is smooth but X2 is pretty brutal. Same behavior for Y1 (smooth) and Y2 (brutal)

My question is basically do we Know which frame ware version I should Use for the Archim1 with end stop

PS I also try to use latest 510. I can compile it using PlatformIO but receive an error when I try to flash the board.

The archim builds are broken in 508+. This issue I’ve seen before. The microstepping can be changed with gcode, and for some reason, it gets out of sync when upgrading.

M351 is how you set it. A search here for M351 will probably find it.

Did you erase it first?

So should I use 507? to keep it as simple as possible for me?

Ho I had the impression then when I was sending a new frame ware it would flush the old one?
How do you format your board frame ware?

There is a small erase button on your board. Hold it for 5 seconds, while powered, and when it reconnects to your computer you can flash it. I think I have that on the Archim board page or the firmware page.


So reset the boar before installing new frame ware (TKS Ryan).

I when with version v507 its seem to be the most stable version for Archim1

But I have the same problem, when I go in the Repeater Host and connect to the board, when I send it manual command x and y do the right thing but x1 and y1 do 2 fast and abrupt translation. To be honest I and really lost!

I don’t want to send it a complete G-code I don’t when to break My MPCNC.

Is anyone has seen this problem before


OK just found this really important post

Pop the console Type;

M350 S16
M351 S3 X1 Y1 Z1 E1 B1

And now everything looks good

Is this setting saved or do I have to type it every time I use it?

TKS for all the support!


It should be saved. But it also should not need to be set.



FWIW, I was able to compile 510 for Archim 1.0a, using V1CNC_Archim1- downloaded from the releases page. See mini convo here: Archim 1.0a Compile Error.