best fusion360 tutorial for total noobs?

Wondering if noobs have found any fusion360 tutorials that were really good, in contrast to much of the stuff that’s out there.

I don’t know about best, but this is one place to start.

If you are hard-core serious about learning CAD/CAM in Fusion 360, here is another option.

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Allthough it is more of a 3d printing channel, Makers Muse made a series on how to start CAD in Fusion360:

Just look for Fusion360 Videos in his uploads.

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Thanks! He has a playlist for it:


FWIW, I’m finding this to be a good starting point for a noob like me:

The concepts are straightforward. It’s just a matter of learning the interface.

I just finished most of introduction on their own website

time to dig deeper

What more do you need to know that wasn’t covered in the Autodesk tutorials?

good point