Best method for Kaizen Inserts

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I can fix your links, but I didn’t see any. Maybe I am going blind :slight_smile: . We have pretty aggressive anti spam rules, which means you can’t post until you’ve read a little bit and spent some time here to get to the first trust level. If you post enough for me to see what you’re trying to link (quoting with back ticks works well) I can edit it to make links.

Glad to see you made it here, Shrinivas, I was quite happy to run across your app.

Jeffeb3, I have a link to his website in my first post above, if that helps at all, lol.



Thanks for accepting the links. I actually forgot to put them in quotes in the previous post. Please find the links here:

Website: (the website might go down in a month since I host it on Wix and they charge me quite a bit. but the app & the editor is always ON).

Apple store app: ‎toolKaiser on the App Store

Google play app:


Facebook: Redirecting... (has a lot of videos on How To)

If you have any questions or face any issue please feel free to email me at

All the tech is free to use and I intend to keep it that way. If you use it, please follow the instructions I posted in the previously. Also, if you use it and you like it, please rate it on the app stores, helps a small time developer like me to get some visibility. Thanks again for your attention! Regards, Shrinivas


So cool to me when creators drop in here to explain their products! I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to come over and explain your app! I hope it takes off!


You should consider keeping the domain name, but moving the hosting to something free, like the herokuapp you’re using for the editor, or I have a domain name I own for (I pay google to manage the domain) and does the hosting for free. I am not doing any server side stuff on the websites I host that way (no logins, or server computation).

Another example is, We store the markdown in github and use the github actions (Their CI stuff) to “build” the html from markdown and then it gets served on with a custom domain name. Except for paying for the domain, the site is free (I think, Ryan manages it).

I’m not an expert, but I’ve fumbled through it a few times. I think the first step would just be to make a new site without the domain, but move all the content over. Then you could move the domain and let the wix thing expire.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely move to github soon since I own the domain and update the links.

Thanks Tony for your wishes. My product didn’t really take off hence I’m closing down the business but I have made the technology free to use since I still feel it has a lot of value. So rather than it becoming digital trash, I hope someone will find good use for it.


It didn’t take off YET!

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This is so cool.
Thanks for dropping in… have to agree with @turbomacncheese, I didn’t know about this tool and went to hell to make something I (my boss) want it.
I will definetly try the app and as your rquest will leave a review in the app store
Thank you!!!


I was just over at the Lightburn forums and it reminded me, If you use Lightburn, there’s a camera feature that will trace stuff out. Dunno if this helps, but I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere here.

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