Best Options for which Controller

I’m in the process of building a Lowrider 2, 4ft x 8ft working area, 2.2 kw water cooled spindle 220 vac, Nema 23 steppers with DM542S drivers, modding a Creality Ender 6 to print all my LR2 parts in ABS. Trying to build the best I can to start, as an old engineer LOL.
My question is GRBL, Linux cnc or Mach 3 for cnc controller, having never used any, don’t know which way to go…I have Bart’s controller using 4.4 teensy, could order Bart’s universal 6 axis controller using stm-32 in Dec 20 when he comes back after holiday. I also have a db25 BOB

We use Marlin most often around here. Grbl is a second. LinuxCNC is much more rare (a handful of plasma builds, to support THC) and I haven’t seen any use mach in a long time.

I would not want windows in control of my CNC, so I would not use mach. Linux CNC is going to be a lot harder to set up than marlin or grbl.

The grbl esp32 boards from bart are nice. The software for that works well.

But the most common here and the ones Ryan sells are Marlin, either the skr pro 1.2 or the rambo board.


Since you are making a higher-end build, take a look at this topic. I was impressed by the performance improvements Steve managed with TB6600 and Nema 17 stepper motors, so in theory, you should be able to improve on his numbers with the DM542S drivers and Nema 23 steppers.

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