Best Spindle to get?

I’m in my first build of the MPCNC… size is going to be 36" x 36"

I plan on mainly using it on woods, acrylic, and HDPE plastic for signs.

I’m looking to get the best possible spindle choice for this the first time. Long lasting, with good power to be able to cut as quickly as the machine can.

What do you guy’s out there suggest for this?

Thanks for your time! It’s greatly appreciated


Thr DW660 is widely recommended.

I was looking for a longer term solution as I believe those burn out fairly quickly?

Brushed motors are all going to need servicing depending on use. I wouldn’t say quickly through.

Some have had a bearing issue but I think those are replaceable as well, Or just return it at that point. Mine is still working great with no issues.

Ryan, you feel the Dewalt dw660 is the way to go all around even compared to a true spindle option?

Thanks for your time

You need to define true spindle. A Real spindle would be an amazing option, but for the price I doubt you would put it on the MPCNC. An import “spindle” motor is nice but really expensive and of questionable quality, if you knew you were getting a good one these are awesome but some are pure junk an there is no return policy. Trust me I know, I have about 600 “drv8825’s” sitting here that are garbage.

I would not suggest the dewalt on the site as the best option if I didn’t feel it was.

awesome thank you for the clarification.

on a side note what happened with the drv8825’s? I actually have a bunch of these on order from pololu.

From pololu they will be fine. I got a batch from oversees that do not work, and are over sized from poor pcb cutting. I have bought many thousands of them, That batch were pure garbage. Still fighting the vendor they literally said that they soldered the IC legs together on purpose…WTF, they said they are the right size I must not know how to insert them…Same company I have bought the thousands from. Very difficult to import quality stuff on a consistent basis even from the same vendor.

understood… that’s a real shame… especially when you’ve been a good customer they should know that you know what you’re doing at this point.