Best way to convert image to DXF

I’m trying to convert a jpg image to a dxf so I can creath a toolpath to draw it in Estlcam. Every way I’ve tried doesn’t output it correctly, I end up with the outlines.
I tried DXF converters online and I tried using Inkscape and the trace bitmap fuction. All result in an outline type DXF.
I’ve attached the JPG and the resulting DXF files. Anyone know how to get a DXF with the lines as they are in the original drawing?

EDIT: It won’t let me attach a DXF so I took a screen shot of the DXF open in Estlcam.

Not sure but I think you might need a “centerline trace” function vs. “outline trace”. I needed this a few years ago to convert jigsaw puzzle images to line work that could be used to create foam puzzles for the grandkids. I cut them with my foam needle cutter attachment for my CNC and it worked quite nicely. Google is your friend, of course, but IIRC I was using the command line versions of pstoedit and autotrace on my Ubuntu box. – David

Thanks, I went searching for software that could do centerline tracing and eventually found a decent solution.
I tried a few different applications/websites and got mostly terrible results. I didn’t get to try autotrace as it kept crashing. It was the windows version but I’ll set up a VM with linux if need be.
I eventually found a website with an embedded converter that worked perfectly. I tried running a few different images through it and got great results every time.
For anyone else wanting to do the same thing, the site is

Super! Glad it worked for you… and thanks for the link. – David

Here is one I have used in the past, but looks like yours does a much better job. Thanks for the link.