Better router mount?

Is there a router mount that doesn’t break when you look at it wrong? I just broke the third router mount before I’ve even got the thing to work! They keep breaking at the screw holes! I’m printing it out in pet-g with 60% infill, which is pretty much solid on my printer. This last one took 9 hours to print! I’ve tried using and . They’ve both broken when I try to mount the router.

HA!! J-B Kwik to the rescue!

Used a rotozip bit, so it’s too big, but it works!!

Welcome to the club!

What mount did you end up using?

The v5 from the links above, but there’s a crap ton of flex to it. The universal is a cool idea, but not very good with a router. Probably works great with print heads and lasers though, no side loads. Going to find one that bolts directly to the tubes, should be stiffer.

I was wondering about the universal mount. My thought is I want to keep the router as close and rigid to the Z conduits as possible. I see in your other post you have a head for a vacuum, This may also add I bit more stress to your mount.


There is one or 2 mounts the connect directly to the tubes. I think I may try one of those right off the bat then. I printed the universal mount but I will not be into printing or laser with this for quite a while.

The vac head is what I just milled out! I’m printing Ryan’s 660 mount right now. Will use the clamp I have now for the vac head, pretty sure it will fit. I’m also pretty sure some of the extra torque on the head was the bit I was using. Roto-zip bits aren’t really made for wood! I can’t really bring the gantry down much more, if I do the z nuts fall out, and holy crap that’s a pain to put back without taking everything apart!

I had the lower Z nut and spring fall out last night. It’s very hard to get it back in with a tool mounted. While I was trying to balance the nut and spring on the tip of my finger, I just happened to see one of those telescoping magnetic pick up tools hanging on a peg board within arms reach. I put the nut and spring on the magnet and without much problem, I got it back in and thread started.

Aaaand that’s mount #5 I’ve broken now…

Screw it. :wink:

Had the feeds too fast, but didn’t want the thing running for 20 hours. Instead it went for 9! Missed some steps, so it took out the right side of the skull and horns.

Also don’t do this with a 60deg v bit!!

Here’s one without the background routed out.

I love cable ties! If you see I have some on some recent vids…screw it.

I have all the stuff to make some large stamps, Looks like you vbit might be alright for cutting stamps foam/rubber.

Waaay back in middle school(1988-ish), we used vinyl tile scraps to make cheap woodcut prints. Should be able to do the same with this. Need to make sure the bed is super level though. Depth is what makes your lines thick or thin!

It looks like you’re using a normal wood cutting v bit. You might want to try one meant for metal. It would probably have a better cutting edge an tool geometry so less pressure on the router mount.

Maybe the mount is a good candidate for milling a replacement part? Would the zip tie hold up enough to mill a new piece? You’d have to drill the hole afterward by hand, and then, of course, the main side would fail next…

The router wasn’t running when it broke. I broke it while changing out the bit!

I’m just going to keep the zip tie in place. Pretty sure it’s stronger than the clamp where the screws go through. That’s what keep breaking on me. The damn screw holes aren’t strong enough.

Looking at the pic of the break it looks like it needs more material to increase its strength. Looks like its kinda using the minimum required to do the job.