Big time saver...or big fail?


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Curious to see how that turns out. The larger spool might “tug” a little more on your extruder and x movements, no? If it works I imagine you’ll save quite a bit of time in changing spools out with the volume of parts that you print. Good luck!

That looks photoshopped.

Is that about 10kg? I hope you like the color.

Amazingly with it rolling on bearings it is still so smooth I think I need to add some drag to keep it from un-spooling. You can see I have a 2" piece of that cable coil on the small spools to add some drag. So far the prints look just as before. I am printing the exact same set on the same printer so I can compare just in case.

5kg…I actually bought small spools first just in case I didn’t like it. Zyltech, so far so good. It is actually working better (no random mid spool snaps) and less expensive (by a good margin and no state tax) than the microcenter stuff as far as I can tell.

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It looks even more photoshopped in real life!

How often do you get failed parts? For the production you run, I assume you have everything set up well so it’s pretty rare.

The other option for saving time swapping spools would be the Prusa mmu. I haven’t looked to see how hard it would be to integrate with a non-prusa printer.

Now you just need an automatic print bed changer!

The only time I really get failed prints is when I miss a spool change. I am usually around so I seriously only throw away 2"-6" of filament per spool but every once and a while I miss one. Maybe once a week only on short time prints, longer print jobs I typically have enough on there.

The new pallet (2?) has a spool swap function. I am considering it, but I still have my doubts. Like what about the bend end of the filament at the end of the spool, it would just snag and not register as empty I would think? Too much money to just experiment with and I did not get a chance to talk to them at MRRF.

Prusa is also expensive but the filament runout sensor works perfectly. I tested it by cutting the filament and watching it run out. Really cool to see it pause the print and wait. But if the end of the filament is stuck to the spool… that’s a problem. So the tech works. Marlin works. All you need is a reliable filament sensor.

I don’t know what the pallet 2 is so I can’t speak to that.

I have Creality CR-10S and CR-10S PRO, both with runout sensors.

Never did any test to see if they actually worked.

And sure enough, with 9-ish hours on the clock in one of the larger MPCNC prints, the spool ran empty. Kind of to my relief and surprise, there was no drama. I changed the spool, and the printer just continued the job without any problems.

Kudos to runout sensors and nifty software to handle them.


The one thing you have to keep an eye on, some spools have the filament captured at the end. Some feed through the spool, others are taped in place.