Bigger MPCNC with high grade hydraulic tubes?

Hi guys

Im building an MPCNC, and first of all MAD PROPS to @Vicious1 for the design!

Next i would like to ask for your experience with bigger builds than the 21"x21"x6" Vicious1 is recommending.

I am not using conduits since i have free access to 25mm hydraulic tubes, witch is totally seamless, perfectly straight, polished surface, reeeeaaally highgrade stainless steal, and has a wall thickness of 2,2mm. In other words they are pretty much the baddest tube you can get.

So, my question is, if there are other limitations in the design besides the conduits, and how big i can make it without loosing to much accuracy?

I was thinking about making two carriages so i could swap i i needed more z-range.

The primary use is sheet milling, but im also planning to make a mount for my plasmacutter and maybe a laser attachment. These assignment doest demand a lot of z-range, but i would also like to add the possibility for large scale 3d printing to my shop and this could potentially mean more z-range than i was planing. What do you say guys? Can i just go nuts with better tubes or do the design still limit the size?

Another question is why no-one is using leadscrews? They come in 8mm and is very inexpensive and the must provide some rigidity and eliminate backlash - especially if used with two spring loaded nuts like the threaded rod in the MPCNC design.

I am printing af geared extruder right now to be used with and E3D Volcano on the MPCNC. Really looking forward to do some fast big prints with crazy big layers, 1.2mm nozzle and 1mm layers, pedal to the metal! :smiley:

I chose belts because there are easy to custom size and ship, the least backlash of all, and much less expensive.

Can’t wait to see these fancy rails in action. Just got some stainless ones myself.

Thanks for your reply. I only ment lead screw for the z-axis instead of the treaded rod. Lead screw for XY would be crazy expensive compared with the rest. :slight_smile:

Well i ordered a 600mm trapezoidal T8 lead screw for only 9bucks crazy! :slight_smile:

i still haven’t decided about the size, but im thinking about doing 700mm x 1000mm. Do you think it will still be stiff enough for alu milling?

Best Jesper

Keep it as short as possible, aluminum and tall 3D printing are opposite ends of the spectrum for this. I do it on both mine but they are 24" and 30" square.