Bigtreetech octopus on Lowrider V3

has anyone try to install bigtreetech octopus board on a lowrider v3 ?

Yes, i have. i can post the files if your interested. I accidently bought the octopus version not knowing the difference :grin: but made it work. Do you by chance know of a nice enclosure that fits the LR3 design?

Hey, would you mind posting the files for the SKR octopus board? It’s the only SKR board I can find in South Africa :frowning:

I can’t upload the entire project. So i’ll upload the configuration files.
You have to download a clean marlin project from GitHub version wich is the version i’ve installed.

You would still be required to make changes to your setup in configuration files. so i would advise on following the PlatformIO docs if you haven’t done so yet to setup the enivronment.

The files
Octopus (94.6 KB)

  • override the files from the zip, platform.ini is on the root, the others are inside Marlin/
  • I use TMC2209 drivers if you don’t you need to change the setting starting at line 159
  • my printable area is X620 Y850 this is also used as a hardstop change it at line 1577 to your dimentions
  • I use an LCD screen


Hope it helps, good luck.


Thank you for taking the time to send this through. I really appreciate it!

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