Hey guys, this just started last night. Only on one axis. I checked for square and it looks okay, maybe a 16th of an inch off.

Sorry I saw this on youtube before the site. I replied their but the forums are easier for me.

No worries. I’m going to pull the z assembly apart tonight and see if that helps. May have tweaked something moving it to the barn.

Think I found the problem. When I was putting everything back together I found that one of the rollers was cracked. The piece that holds the tube in place was only being held on by the two screws, the other side was loose. Temp gluing it until I can get a good part to print. Got up to a finished part, but found something caught so it layer shifted about a half inch up from the build platform…

So I printed up a new part, started to install it and the damn thing is too big!! I replaced the effector platform on my printer and it must be slightly off from the old one. Had to recalibrate the arm length. Printing it again, in MtDew green!

So I got the new part printed, correctly this time. Got it installed and we’re printing again!!! Then I see this…

Don’t think it likes the temperature swings in the barn… Hopefully pet-g doesn’t do this. I’m also getting some missing steps in the z axis, but I think that’s a voltage thing. That motor is dead cold, so I think I can up the voltage a bit.

Oh, not too shabby!!