Biqu is stopping SKR Pro production soon

Looks like a solder it yourself board. I think we have enough issues with the already built boards.



My bad, I thought I had listed that as a downside, but no I just said it was a kit and I was not looking forward to getting out my soldering iron :frowning:

So the octopus pro does some advantages, BIGTREETECH Octopus Pro V1.0 | Biqu Equipment.

Marlin/RRF/Klipper, and instead of the screen we might just run the wifi option to save a ton of cost, fan voltage is selectable, need to look into the drivers running at 5V (not sure why that is an advantage).

Looking a bit more promising.


Since im on the process of building my LR3 and havent yet bought the controller, should i wait on getting the SKR pro 1.2 since it’ll be a few weeks before I buy one? Wondering if i should just go with the Octopus… hmm.

We don’t have any premade octopus firmware. It isn’t clear where we are going next either. The skr pro is still the easiest choice today.

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I agree with Jeff.

The SKR Pro production scheduled has changed until at least the end of the year. I will get an octopus to test with my next order but who knows what will be available at the years end, or whenever they decide to stop production.

Electronics and firmware is an ever moving target.


10-4. I completely understand.

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The mks monster 8 will be the next board I will try out. I use mks boards for the mpcnc, mp3dp and low rider 3. Easy to setup and excellent performance/value. I run both klipper and marlin but have migrated everything to klipper now.

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Looks just like the Octopus I wonder which is the original.

There’s one feature of the octopus that would probably convince me to spend an extra $20, which is separate motor power supply terminals that allow up to 60v. The maximum voltage on the mks is 28v.

I wonder which is the original.

The github repository info says the octopus repository was created 2 months prior to the mks monster8:

BIGTREETECH Octopus “created_at”: “2021-05-13T02:20:32Z”
MKS Monster8 “created_at”: “2021-07-29T09:39:04Z”


whoa only 50 bucks!

Actually only 10, it is on sale right now on Amazon. 59 bucks.

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