Biscuit Joint Slots - Can they be CNC'd?

I use Estlcam. Anyway to cut variable depth slots using it? Thanks in advance.

I am not sure what you are trying to do. If you have the hole profile (DXF, DWG, etc), you can set any depth you want.


It’s a varied depth hole to fit a U-ish shaped biscui @vicious1


It will probably need to be a 3d model or just a stepping curve in and out I have not tried that yet :thinking:

What is a stepping curve and how is it done?

I would make it in multiple rectangular steps downward each getting smaller or a pocket the is vertical

Oh…Interesting. That would be a cool use. The machine can easily do it, but setting up the CAM is going to be different. A 3D model would do it for sure, you would just have to futz with a it a bit to get it efficient.

Hmm I have to think about this a bit.

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Vcarve seems to be able to do it using these settings. Is there a ‘safe/working’ PP to use it with the mpcnc? I’m a little wary of going out of Estlcam for some reason.

@vicious1 @timonjkl

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Yes, there are a couple PP files folks are using, such as: (1.2 KB)

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Will try tomorrow and share outcome


I have used molding tool path settings just had not thought of the fluting tool path it for that before a good use should work perfectly