Bit / End Mill Recommendations

Hi guys,

I am new to CNC routing. I’ve got a Dewalt DW660 on order and would like to select some milling bits. I am familiar with drillman1’s (on ebay) inventory and would like to purchase from him. Initially I am interested in cutting plywood up to 3/4" (which would require multiple passes correct?).

What type of a bit should I get? Do they wear out fast … in other words should I order a few?

Do you recommend any other bits for a person just getting started?


As an example, drillman1 one sells 1/8" carbide 2 flute end mills like in the photo I have attached.

Is this a good choice for cutting plywood?


Yes that is the one I use.

End mill life depends on several things…generally speaking the more aggressive cuts you take will stress the blade and we at it down faster… I usually tell my students not to take more than 25% of the diameter of the bit at a time no matter the material.

I have yet to make any cuts with my mpcnc, but I do have a denford mill in my classroom. 1/8" end Mills usually get about 30-50 hours of use… but we mill everything from aluminum to acrylic.

Thanks for sharing that Richard. Good info and appreciated.