Bit of an accident

I’m going to be in the hospital for a while. Ten broken ribs, broken heel bone on my good leg, perforated bowel (they gave me surgery for that one Wednesday night) lots of other contutions in various places. I’m going to be off my feet completely for at least several weeks.TTurns out the other driver had no insurance or license and was doing 100 Mph when he pulled in front of me. He was being chased by the police.

Oh crap, that is some Bullsh!t.

Bill, I was having some issues for the last 5 weeks. It sucks, but man, when you start to feel better it really is amazing. You will get there sooner than you know.

Keep your feet up, and your mind occupied.

If you need us to beat someone up let us know and we will collectively track him down and torture him with the one off machine…MPTD (Mostly Printed Torture Device)!

Hey speaking of injuries I just broke my jaw on my electric skateboard. Saw a snake in the road and instinctively jumped off at 20mph…bad idea.

I hope you feel better too. I know how bad it is to not be able to work in the garage for a week :frowning:

Holy Cow…Kevin that has to suck, Lots of Jamba Juice in your near future. There goes my EBoard dreams. I can;t afford a big accident.

So on the Bright side I am hearing I have captive R&D team…


@Bill, can you still code? JK. That really sucks. Cars are so freaking dangerous. I’m constantly surprised how easy it is to get a license, or a gigantic truck, or go so fast. That’s all very little consolation for you now though. Sounds like it could have been a lot worse.

Hope you make a full recovery and get back to it soon.

@Kevin, there are MFing snakes on the MFing road! Since you broke your jaw IRL, are you going to be visiting the forums more often? Maybe a good time to binge watch game of thrones from the beginning again. I hope you get better soon. Don’t rush it. Waiting until your fully healed is really important. Although with a jaw injury, what do you avoid? Hard candy?

I can only eat liquid foods. It is basically the equivalent of having your teeth shut 24/7. I can still talk I just sound a little different. Wish I could binge…I have a new trimester of school starting tomorrow.

@Ryan I visited SDSU today, hear they’re getting that new engineering building. Hopefully I get accepted or transfer after 2 years of community if it all goes south. I saw a ton of skateboards…one of them was electric. Warmed my heart a little :smiley:

Did you see the engineering shop, or the Aerospace shop? Granger on campus with a fatty student discount…I transferred in and it still took 3 years to get out with summers.

Bill, I would try and find some jokes to entertain you a bit but I bet laughing with all those broken ribs is no fun at all.

I wish I did…I just walked around the campus. Pretty and quiet since it is break. My grades aren’t where they should be for MechE. I have the passion but not the 4.0! Transferring doesn’t seem so bad though, it is significantly cheaper and doesn’t make much difference. I want to see the Haas mills real bad. I promise I won’t be the kid to break something like in that compilation I showed you.

About the R and D…your writeup is coming up shortly. Lots to say but not a good and very intuitive way of displaying it. In the middle of a China deal right now.

Cars do seem more dangerous than electric skateboards, if only my mom agreed…


Too bad to hear that. Hope you’ll all be fine again soon…

@Ryan, please start working asap on the Mostly Printed Wheelchair!

I’m pretty much sitting around waiting for the next event to happen. Today they let me know the next round of foot surgery is tomorrow. I have been anxious to get to eat, but am not holding my breath on it. They gave me temporary permission for clear liquids Thanksgiving day but rescinded that by the end of the day and I’ve been in no food since. Heck,it’s been less than a week and I could always stand to loose a little.

A useful reminder of how I take things for granted.

Wishing you all the best with your recovery Bill.

Whoa. Good lord Bill. Glad you are “OK”. Listen to ths Dr’s and get healed up so you can get back in the shop and cut some stuff. All I can say is I hope that other driver gets his. I can’t stand people like that.

Probably not. The guy that killed my step-mom transferred everything he owned into his sister’s name. He was super hypoglycemic at the time and worse off than legally drunk. Said he didn’t even remember getting into the car.

So far it looks like the best direction for us will be to go after the police agencies involved in the chase, though I haven’t actually sat down with the lawyer.

I’m moving today to a rehab facility just down the hill a ways. Looking forward to a more mobile environment even if there’s no weight on the foot for the next several weeks. It’s not clear whether I’ll be able to go home when I’m able to transfer from bed to wheelchair unassisted or whether I’ll have to stay in until I can stand.

I feel some wheelchair mods in the near future. We can get you set up with a X-Men style chair in no time, we will have to start calling you the professor though.

Oye, hospitals and lawyers…if you throw a dentist appointment in there that would be like living in one of my nightmares. Pulling for your quick recovery, we can save vengeance for when you are feeling better.

Thought I’d give a bit of an update, I’m out of the skilled nursing facility and back at my house. I’m getting a lot of support from friends and family with regards to hauling my ass around to various appointments and such. (They also setup a gofundme site) I’ve got about five more weeks before I can start putting any weight on my good leg, so the same before I can try to drive myself. No real work while down either, too many jobs need physical access to the equipment. I’m getting comfortable moving around the house, though barking my knuckles a lot trying to fit through doors that are almost wide enough. No access to the upstairs of course and some of the kitchen appliances are a bit of a stretch (looks like I’ll be brewing coffee instead of pulling espresso shots for the foreseeable future, just can’t quite reach the portafilter). Still, all in all, I’m doing remarkably well for such a short time since the accident.

I think I’ll be able to get back on the 3D printer this week, the CNC will have to wait for more mobility before I can venture out to the garage. The sand tables are also on hold for a bit, can’t really shop them around without transport though I have high hopes for a couple of the microbreweries in the area as eye candy for the patrons.

I am sure being home feels amazing, and being in good spirits will surely speed up your recovery. Don’t let subpar coffee ruin your morning, soon enough you’ll get back to the good stuff and will appreciate it that much more. Try to keep your mind occupied while letting your body rest.

I ordered a clamp on cup holder for the wheelchair that should go a long way to making my morning coffee more palatable, it’s tough to wheel the chair around when one hand is burdened with the mug…

These are the things I would never think of. Is it worth putting the espresso machine on an end table? Maybe all the other parts aren’t worth it (like cleaning everything).

As a quick fix you could get an AeroPress. They are relatively cheap and work quick and easy. You can make espressos with them due to their filter which works great. I bought mine about a month ago to use at the office and its been awesome. Can drink my own coffee instead of the dirt they have here.