Bit of an accident


Something else to maybe look into is cold brew. This guy makes some of the best I’ve tasted.


I’m hoping for the MPEspresso soon. My machine broke and I’m using drip coffee.

As much as I would love to do testing on a coffee machine a freaking bolt counter/bagger is next for sure. I have the electronics done, just need to get into the hardware. Jeez bagging these things takes forever.

Ha there it is, I never did get to talk to them about that counter.

The espresso machine is plumbed in, so moving to the end table is right out. An Aeropress is in contention, but since I have the Behmor Brazen drip machine already it’s a tough sell. I have a Chemex too, though pour overs take enough time that I’m reluctant to go there except for special occasions. I roasted some Ethiopian Yerga Cheffe this week and am planning on another batch. When making drip I go through beans quite a bit faster than with the espressos. (44g for 0.9l with the Brazen, 13g*2 for the Americano double double shot, about 0.5l total).

I’m thinking an MPEspresso would be a bit of a stretch, even ABS might have heat related issues when under pressure. I can almost visualize it though, conduit frame enclosing dual boilers and an E61 grouphead… It’s pretty much just plumbing and a couple of PIDs. I’m guessing that the boilers will have to be off the shelf since the ABS would be problematic.

Next step would of course be the MPRoast with a nice steel drum and up to 5kg capacity.

But why limit yourself to MP design? Thats why we have routers right?

Made a milestone today, so time for an update. :slight_smile: After eight weeks I was allowed to stand on my own legs today (albeit with my foot still in the boot)! They still won’t let me take steps or dance the fandango, but it’s still a big event. If all goes as scheduled I’ll gradually put more and more weight on the leg until I can go without the boot while still putting full weight on the foot. That process is supposed to take about four weeks and once complete I’ll be cleared for driving once more.


Sounds like a huge milestone! Congrats

Very good to hear you are making progress!

That's great Bill! Glad to hear it.

This week I’m practicing walking with a walker (foot still in the boot), standing for balance with body twists and bends (not surprisingly this would also help with assembling a new 3D printer), and doing various exercises aimed at strengthening my leg. On Friday I’ve been promised beginning stairs. One of my milestones is to be able to deal with the two steps needed to get to the pool tables at Zim’s Brau Haus. I’m betting on Saturday!

Best of luck with the recovery. I think a Brau Haus might just be the incentive to keep moving. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve tested getting into the brau haus, that’s not a problem. :wink: The pool tables are in a recessed area though, two steps down.

I saw the hackaday link and I wouldn’t want to discourage building a machine since machines are fun, but I used a thing like this once upon a time and it was quite nice for counting parts:

They are proud of those, huh? Are there decent sensors for 5V Arduinos for weight? I’ve taken a kitchen scale apart and it was a strain gauge attached to a chunk of aluminum.

I’m guessing Ryan would be trying to make something like those things. But with an auger driven by Arduino to actually push the screws onto the scale. It would stop when there were enough screws.

Basically how I do it now, too many for that and not enough for the big boy machines.


I have an optical counter rigged up but I need the bagging part now. I might just have to pay to have thrm prepackaged, cheaper than hiring someone.

Just to prove it’s possible to recover eventually… It’s a bit tough to walk around using the table as one crutch, but I kept it up for three games. :slight_smile: