Bit Settings on EstlCAM

Hi, I recently purchased the 1/8" 45 Degree Carbide V-Bit, 1/8" Ball End and 1/8" Single Flute Carbide Endmill from your shop and I am looking for help on bit settings in EstlCAM.

My build is 18x24x4in using the DeWalt 660. Right now just cutting into MDF but want to start cutting into softwood.


Are you looking for the physical properties of the bit or speeds and DOC? Have you read the milling basics?

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Here are my EstlCAM settings that work great on walnut, oak, and birch.

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@scrounge79, I don’t see any settings…

Whoops. Forgot to paste.

Depth of cut varies with material thickness to get even divisions.


@scrounge79 I see you have the V bit set at 45* (angle from center of shaft, as I read to do too) but I recently had a problem doing it that way and EstlCAM actually says to set it at full angle, i.e. 90* in their tool tip. I just today tried a carve with the setting at 90* and I got much better results than 45* I think. Have you experienced problems with 45* that at all?

I have 45° and 60° vbits. I’ve had good success with this particular vbit at 45.

Ok so it’s actually a true 45* V Bit, not a 90* bit when measured from the shaft center to the edge? Gotcha, thanks!

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Marion, do you have any accuracy issues with your 1/8 bits set at 3mm? I calipered mine to 3.18 or something like that.

I realize in that screen shot I had posted an old setup. In my recent jobs that I used Kiri:Moto with, I use 3.18mm.

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I need to do a test with my machine. It looks to me like my finishing passes cut on the waste wood side, not the finished piece size. I always wondered if I had callipered my bit inaccurately and that was why it was doing that (I know…not possible). I’ll try some tests next week and see if it is indeed cutting inside or outside.