Bits & materials

Hey yall,
How can i program for my tool paths and be able to know the parameters that is required(SPECS) for a material like wood aluminum etc is there a chart for each bit VS materials that I have to cut through??? This image will make it a lot more easier to complete my message.

Keep in mind I’m using a MPCNC LR2 !!

I want to just thank everyone that had been helping me with this project yall deserve all the props :clap: :raised_hands:t5:

I haven’t been involved for a couple years but experimenting was my key. The more you do it the more of a “feel” you will get for the machine. Start with soft materials and work up, foam, mdf, maple, etc. Settings I have seen people use will break every bit I own , but the settings I use should never work. Just my .02 but I still have a 525 mpcnc with an early version of marlin because I don’t know how to do all the flashy flashy stuff. (I have close to 1500 hours on my mpcnc)

I would try to use the parameters in the top left to save the settings for different materials so you don’t have to keep changing based on what you are cutting