Black friday sales?

I am ready to pull the trigger on my mpcnc primo hardware but before I do I thought I should see if there will be any black friday sales.

I ordered some upgrades for my printer today and 30 minutes later they announced some amazing sales…

I haven’t seen a sale at v1 ever. Sometimes the price changes, but it is always a fair deal. If it changes it is usually because Ryan has cut some costs or something costs more than it used to.

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I haven’t been involved with this type thing very long but from quick trips around the internet I get the impression Ryan’s pricing is very reasonable, especially considering the expense of inventorying everything.

And I would add: I’ve been looking at Etsy where there are some interesting wall-art CNC files, some up to $30.00 or so just for the files of wooden shapes (I’m not saying that’s not reasonable, just for comparison). I think it’s a gift, considering the work that goes into designing/developing these machines that the files to make them are offered for $0.00 along with continuing support. By comparison, I was interested in an Etsy file and asked the seller if a BOM was available, it took ~ 2 weeks to receive an acknowledgement of my inquiry, more than another week later I’m still waiting for an answer about a BOM, compare that with the response time in these forums where any question is likely answered within hours.

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No, no sales.

If you see “sale” in the shop it usually just means I have dropped the price meaning the supplier dropped the price.

The reason you are asking is the reason I hate sales. If I buy something and it goes on sale right after I get pretty heated. So even though I know it must be a legit business tactic, I have not and do not plan on running sales. I do my best to just keep the prices as low as possible at all times. So I am like those furniture stores with “SALE” painted on the window that is 5+years old and fading, Always on sale!!!

Think Bed bath and beyond…no one ever buys anything without a 20% off coupon. If you try to the cashier or someone in line will give you one…irritating how crazy that is to me.


Perfect! I just didn’t want to pull the trigger to find out tomorrow I could have saved. It just happened with my 3d printer upgrades.