Bluetooth GPS

This forum is full of ‘techy’ people… anyone on here use a Bluetooth GPS to augment their phone’s GPS?

My phone’s GPS have always been hit or miss as to how well they perform for me. Sometimes satellites lock in great. Other times, It takes a while and then it looses signal throughout the trip. It isn’t just this phone, but I’ve have similar problems with other phones.

I finally bit the bullet and ordered one today. I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

Nowadays people like to use Shareit rather than using Bluetooth device.

I did back when I had an old windows phone before Android came out :smiley:

Still have the GPS but haven’t used it in a long time. Every now and then I still dust it off and confirm it still works…but haven’t actually used it for anything in years.


Your talking about a gps receiver that transmits the nmea messages over Bluetooth? Presumably that can get used by the core location services in Android or are you installing some mapping application? I’ve never tried but it will be interesting. Subscribed.

I might know a guy that can spoof gps to make your phone think it’s somewhere else, and every other gps enabled device for about 30 feet or so… Comes in handy for Pokemon, so I’ve heard.


my first job out of college was at a company that made unmanned aircraft. We had a GPS repeater on the roof that ran to a transmitter in our lab. If we bumped up the power on the transmitter, we could make every GPS receiver in a 5 mile radius immediately show our building as their location… we ran the power significantly lower than that :smiley:

I ended up going with this receiver:

Here’s the instructions on making it work on Android devices:

I had to enable developer mode on my phone by tapping 6 times on the version number in the about page. YMMV

We’ll see how well it works when it comes in… of course, the GPS on my phone locked in perfect and worked all the way home from work today, so… yeah.

GPS came in. Took a bit to get it working. I originally plugged it into the laptop and all the LEDs started flashing.

I got the Bluetooth to bind to the phone, but the GPS was having a hard time locking into signals. I tried updating the firmware through the Windows app, and that didn’t help.

You have to run a Helper app in Android. I tried two different ones. Finally I lucked into seeing that the company that built the GPS unit had an Android app. It only had 2.5 stars, but the most recent reviews all said the latest update was working great.

I installed it and rebooted the GPS. It came up and said there was a firmware update for the device. I let the phone push the firmware update and after the next reboot, it found satellites immediately even though I was sitting in the middle of my house.

I let it charge all the way. I’ve turned it on a few times and it found satellites every time. I’m not sure if it was the firmware that fixed it or if plugging it into the laptop that first time put it into some weird hung state.

I haven’t had a chance to drive with it yet. I’ll try to do that tonight or tomorrow. The fact that it is showing a true 0mph when I’m sitting still leads me to think it will do quite well. The phone bounces from 0 to 8mph even when I’m sitting still.

Well in the grand scheme of things, you’re traveling about 514,000 mph around the center of the galaxy, so you’re gps is off a little… :lol:

The GPS provides a speed relative to the Earth… not the galaxy…