anyone know anything about this board and what firmware uses. and are all the motors independent. I’ll send pic of what I got done so far.

KOOKYE SGen_L 32-bit Controller mainboard Compatible with Marlin2.0 and Smoothie firmware Support Multiple Types of Drives for 3D Printer (MKS SGEN-L)

This board has the same processor as an SKR 1.3 boad, and visually looks very similar if not identical. V1 maintains Malin firmware for the SKR 1.3 as a place to start for the firmware. Here is a possible alternate source for firmware for this board, though I would use the V1 firmware as a base and merge in needed changes from this GitHub version.

I like this because it has external signal points for the motor external drivers. I don’t need to have drivers plugged in the board to use the ext. ones. they are cheap and before i buy im going to check stars on the sells at the store. thanks

So if you are looking for support for external drivers, I assume you are building something other than MPCNC? In the few cases I’ve seen external drivers on this forum they were for NEMA23 steppers.