Bolts mesurement

Is it fine to use these bolts?

Perhaps you can be more specific: Where do you want to use the bolts in the assembly of the MPCNC?

Did you source your own parts or are you trying to replace a lost part from a V1 kit?

It looks like it might be a 7.5mm and I’m not sure that size is used anywhere in the design. The parts list calls for a 3mm, 5mm or 8mm, but no 7.5mm.

Again, more detail would help.


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here in my area these are sold as 5/16 bolts and i am assembling my mpcnc with these bolts,

I guess that means you are either in the US, Myanmar, or Liberia

no dear i m from pakistan

Haha awesome! I didn’t know you guys use the imperial system!