Bootleg footrest

I saw this footrest on Amazon and decided I wanted it. Why wait 2 days for shipping and pay $35 when you can make it in under 12 hours for less than half the price? I figured it would make an easy first project that I would have to design in CAD. This project included two-sided machining and CNC joinery both of which I hadn’t tried yet.

Originally I had planned on copying the offset grip tape, hence the two-sided bit of the project, however, my cutter decided it wanted to go off course about 95% of the way through that cut so I ended up just resurfacing the top to that height and put grip tape across the entire part.

For some reason the pockets for the legs were undersized a bit so it didn’t snap together right off the machine like I had hoped it would. Still investigating that issue.

Without further ado, I present the bootleg footrest. You can see it’s full of imperfections from broken tabs in need of sanding, CA glue to hold together one of the legs that I broke accidentally and horribly uneven grip tape. But it’s going under my desk and it was my first project. If I made it again tomorrow it would come out much better.


Glad to have my first real project in the books. Thanks Ryan for this awesome machine.


A useful first project. You are entirely too far ahead of the curve.

Looks nice. You should share th dxfs.

Isn’t it great when you can say… I’ll just make that. Very powerful and self-fulfilling.

Nice job!



Here are the DXF files (15.9 KB)