Bosch1617EVS Tool Mount

My 611 Dewalt bearing needs to be replaced. In the meantime I decided to try the Bosch after seeing Anonymous tearing it up with the 1617EVS.


Nice sleek design! I will try it out if you post a file to print.

Thanks! Still tweaking and testing. If it works, I’ll post it for sure.

So, I’m still tweaking the design. The tool mount holds well enough. Any further changes I make will just be nuance.

Vac test result was poor. Added a router fan exhaust redirect. We’ll see if this works well enough.

Router exhaust redirect was successful, abundantly so. Then I had an issue when changing tools. Made an alteration, crossed my fingers and to my surprise it all works great now. Exhaust vents to the side through the ports while the vac evacuates the chips (within reason).

Still, not without flaws. Vac attachment is obstructed by the router mount… enough designing, time to put it to work!