Both sides milling with Estlcam

I’ve managed to draw this wheel and as you can see it requires milling from both sides

How do I do that in Estlcam?

Thank you!

If you open an stl in EstlCam you will see it asks what you want and suggests block machining for 2 sided parts.

Thank you for the fast reply!

If I understand everything correctly, flipping the material like a book page over Y axis means that I need perfect square material.
Since it’s rarely the case that I have such a piece and one can not trust that work piece from the shop is perfectly square, that would suggest that first step is to cut a square work piece on the MPCNC and then work on it from both sides

Does that sound right or am I overthinking it?

Since the design is circular, 1/100 of a mm will show itself as a nasty step line if the work piece is not perfectly square.
I’m aware that some finishing work will have to be done on the piece but don’t want to spend too many hours on it.

I have no first hand knowledge of this, so this is just an idea…

I would build some type of jig to hold the material with some type of alignment pins in it. That way when I flip it over, the pins go in the same holes and I know everything is lined up the same again. The jig would probably be square and I would use some point on the jig itself for setting my zeros.

I have a metal workshop square in mind.
One around 20-25$ should be enough.
Holding material is a must I was just wondering how to put it in the same place after turning

Material that is less than perfect worries me more
I’m afraid that I’ll have to machine a work piece first (time and material waste)

I’ll do some test cuts in the foam first to see how precise everything can be

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