Bought a Kit from a Local maker but it has all the old parts


The title kind of says it all. I only bought it off him because he had started it then decided that he didn’t want to build it. The “kit” I bought from him has all the old 3d printed parts. I know the new parts increase the rigidity of the cnc machine. How much improvement do I get by using the new parts. Do the new parts offer any improvements when it comes to aluminium or other hard materials?

Thanks in advance,

Did You have another post? I just answered this about 10 minutes ago.

Depends on how old your parts are. If they are the first ones I would stop and switch them now. Anything after that it depends on what you want to use the machine for.
The upgrades increased rigidity, a lot, and made square assembly easier.

@vicious1, Are there any parts for the middle assembly that I’m not going to have to reprint or was it a complete redesign as far as the parts went?

Complete redesign. Tubes should still work through.