Bourbon Barrel Top - Laser

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a project…busy at that other thing I do - my job!

One of my best friends is getting married in January and I wanted to do something unique for the wedding present. He likes bourbon, I like bourbon, who wouldn’t like a laser engraved bourbon barrel top?

I had no idea how big of an idea that was already…I swear I came to it on my own, only to find out about 300 other folks on ETSY were already doing this, ha! So much for original thought.

Anyways, here is the bourbon barrel top laser engraved with my MPCNC mounted with a 5W laser bought off of Banggood several months back. Link to a previous write-up on my setup here:

[attachment file=“IMG_7459 2.JPG”]

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This posted before I was finished…must’ve been the bourbon. Here is an additional photo with a before and after. Also, I have the settings used at the bottom. The total burn time was about 2hr 20min. Size of the top 21’ x 21’.

[attachment file=79326]

Laser GCODE Software - Lightburn After the free trial I ended up buying the software, no major issues, for what I need it’s solid. Decent ability to design in the program and it makes it very easy to import images to convert to laser GCODE


Speed: 30mm/s

Power: 65% (remember this is a 5W laser)

Scan Angle: 90%

Line Interval: .075mm

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Neat! One of these days I need to get a laser for mine. And another fire extinguisher…

Was it from an actual barrel, could you smell bourbon as it was heating it up? Wait, don’t tell me, I will just imagine it did!

Yes, this was from an old bourbon barrel - and - YES it smelled of bourbon! Not during the burn per se, just overall - it was glorious.

I bought them thru Currysbeercrafts ( ETSY and picked them up locally in KY.

Picture below of the barrel top with a coat of spray varnish

[attachment file=79415]