Bowden extruder.

Hi!, I want to put a bowden extruder on this printer. If I find an Anet A8 extruder on thingiverse it will fit on this?



Sure, you just need to find a way to mount the hotend.

This printer has a moving bed and will get no gains from a bowden system, probably only disadvantages.

Except, it’s cool.

I never thought about it, but I should probably have a different limit for acceleration for X and Y. It never occurred to me.

I’m running a bowden on mine, you just need the different hotend mount and a way to mount the extruder (mine is at the top). You will be able to bump up speed and acceleration some, but as Ryan says since the Y axis is still the same it can’t go too much faster without issues. I’ve had reasonable results at 70mm/sec and inconsistent at 100mm/sec. Remember also to adjust the retraction, it need to be much longer with the bowden.

@billsey - Can you please share your hotend mount?

It is going to take some digging to find it, and it was designed for the MP3DPv1, so would take modifications to fit the MP3DPv2… I did find a picture though: