Bowden tube filament guide parts

I came up with a way to bring the filament to the extruder using some ptfe tubing and a couple pressfit connectors. Its basically just a holder for one end of the tube that slides on over the aluminum angle on top of the cable chain. I added some cable chain links that i modified to carry the bowden tube aloge the side of the cable chain. this allows the filament to make it to the extruder without getting bound up on the machine or worse having the filament get tugged along by the extruder causing the exrtuder to flex or wobble.

everything is up on thingiverse:





That’s pretty slick! I was going to mention you’re going to get all kinds of drag, but then remembered this is a direct drive, so the bowden is before the extruder motor. My delta has a “flying extruder” now so the bowden tube is shorter, makes for less strings because of filament lash in the tube.

Yes, that’s a hard drive as a counter weight…

Basically I’ve got it setup like a brake cable on a bicycle. the tube is fixed and stationary allowing free movement of the filament through it. i just didn’t like the way the filament was just being drug along for the ride before.

Here’s some video