Don’t think I’ve seen any brass around here.

I think the wife and I’s brass anniversary is coming up, make some jewelry!

Workholding fail, looked like the gantry was going to hit a workholder, so I removed one hoping it wouldn’t move with 3 remaining, nope…

2nd attempt:

A work in progress, but the CNC part is done I guess.


Neat! Did the chips seem to flyout well?

Not wanting chips to accumulate I sat there with air the whole time. I haven’t tried it without to know the difference. Main concern was chips blowing into my bare control board! Need an enclosure one of these years.


Nah wait long enough and there will be a layer of saw dust protecting it.


I had an alunimum chip fly into my rambo once, shorted across a couple pins. One of the unused endstops I think. Whole thing shut down and wouldn’t come back on until I figured out what happened and blew it out.
Thank goodness for all the circuit protection in that thing. Once I cleaned it up, everything was fine.

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Wrapped in an Elvis box, because I’m classy that way