Broken shop.

Went to the barn today and flipped the light switch to my shop, nothing. Looked over at the breakers and it’s flipped. So I flip it back on and it immediately trips. Well shit. I go and unplug everything in the shop, not hard really, only have one outlet, who the hell builds a shop with only one outlet!!! Go back and flip the switch, and same thing. So I go back into the shop and unscrew the lights(led), maybe one shorted out inside? Same, something is shorted in the ceiling. Damn mice. Now I get to figure out how to remove the plywood decking above the shop without screwing it up too badly. They used nail guns to build the place, no screws. Hopefully it’s just plain plywood, and not actually floor decking, cause the floor decking is tongue and grooved…

That sucks…You have conduit on hand, just re-run it externally!

I have a few large cast iron sewer pipes across the ceiling in my shop. I am very afraid of them, If they ever spring a leak it is going to be nasty. Knowing me I will be rushing to do something and be the one to break it.

Yea, I’ve been meaning to rewire anyway.