BTT Octopus firmware

Hi all so, … Ive ordered an skr Pro v1.2 but… its gonna be another two weeks and i am THE most impatient person alive so yes as the topic suggests i got an octopus to try rewriting the firmware :slight_smile: .
Anyway good news is I’ve managed to get up and running. I have got 6 steppers 2 each axis. it double tiered for stability and i have bot 1.5KW spindle and a 2.2kw spindle (for board flattening)
Now im trying to get sensorless homing working I tested without the motors running and this is what occurs. When i initiate homing the Z axis raises but only one of the motors per axis starts to home, once stopped the other starts to home, now the really strange thing is if i initiate homing a second time both steppers will try and home simultaneously as you would expect every time.
could someone please direct me to where the homing process is written in the firmware so i can continue to investigate or shed any light on why this maybe occurring I have added some photos of my build and will upload config once I have finished configuring for anyone else to use in the future thanks in advance Lee