Bug in Estlcam v11.231_b_64

I have discovered why my router immediately plunges deep into the surface. In Estlcam, one can set the FINISHING cut perameters. These are left blank by default, but the suggestion is to increase the depth per pass just for the finishing phase.


This completely overrides the standard depth per pass, and immediately dives right down into the wood.

Hard-earned lesson #23


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I experienced the same problem. Not really understanding the setting, I entered a number that would represent the full depth of cut from zero. What I got instead was my endmill burying itself in the spoilboard, as it attempted to go 24 mm further down after making its final rough pass on the part. :open_mouth:

I don’t know about this view. I use an older version. If I was cutting a 12mm thick piece, I might do this:

Total depth (on the toolpath): 13mm (it is a through cut)
DOC per pass: 4.34 (13/3. I might not be able to do 13/2, so I choose the next smaller. There’s no point in doing something like 5.5, because it will take three passes anyway)
Finishing tool max depth: 15mm (or anything over 13).
Finishing offset (I can’t remember the name, but it is a toolpath setting): 0.1mm

In my experience, that makes it cut 0.1 away, in three passes down to 13mm. Then it follows one more time on the line, at a depth of 13mm (make sure your bit has enough cutting depth, the shaft won’t cut anything).

I always check that in the preview first. I have hit some settings that double the depth, and it was clear in the preview. Specifically, there is a setting on a toolpath to choose a start depth and a total depth. Those get added together. If it starts at 10mm, and has a max depth of 10mm, it will end at 20mm. That has bit me.

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