Build complete

1st of course is major credit to the creator, such a nice machine you designed.

Built using my printed parts, .ods (openoffice) spreadsheet attached. And I used the components kit from this site.

78 hrs 41 mins print time on Lulzbot mini with ABS, same infil settings.

1.675 total kg, I used 2 lb spools (UC3D), and the sheet shows the sloppy conversion, as well as the part split.
I Love this filament no issues so far at all, for those interested:

Green ended with .019 kg left, black with .120 kg left (again, for those using 2 lb spools, which is only .907 kg)
Added a pen mount on thingiverse by dexterko

…power outage at about 2 inches, which actually works great.

Still need to design a Rotozip mount as the curvature is a bit wonky. But thrilled it works.

Thanks again for sharing, total mind opener for me. )

MPCNCbuildsheet.ods (19 KB)