Build from N-Brabant

Hi there,

Just this week I finished my build in Noord-Brabant (south of the Netherlands). Notorious for it’s XTC-labs and as of now also famous for at least one MPCNC :slight_smile:

I have a MaslowCNC so I already could cut things from wood. But I needed a reason to let Sinterklaas (Dutch version of santa claus) give me a 3d-printer. So eight months later there finally is an operating machine!

Did the crown-test, which went fine. My 5-yo colorized it, despite the fact he insisted the MPCNC would draw a spiderman. I told him that a crown-test must include a crown. Also drawed some squares and circles. I found that my x axis is not completely square but for now it is not a showstopper.

Next thing was smoothing the bottom-surface of a table-top I glued together from scrapwood. The smoothing is needed to secure the legs. I cut the tabletop (circle) on the MaslowCNC, but it can’t cope with uneven surface. Worked like a charm!

Kind regards / houdoe



Tell your son he has a great future ahead in graph design. Nice crown! :slight_smile:

For a non dual endstop version if you want super square square’s you need to square it by hand before each cut before powering on. Once you get the hang of it it only takes a few seconds.


Love the coloring page idea! Maybe I need to have a crown coloring contest!

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