Build from Norway

Then I have started the build.

After all the printing and some test assembely I realized that the corner parts came out useless from the printer, back to printing…

The table i ready! And i started to build the controller. I will be running Mach3.




What was wrong with the corners?

They craked when I tigthen the bolts. So I guess i something went wrong in the print!

I see a potential problem with your control setup up: your DIN rails need a proper holder and chiller to keep that liquid at the proper temperature!


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Maybe. But also there isn’t a need to really tighten the bolts. Watch out for over tightening.

Following. Nice to see someone else from Norway! What controller are you using?


Things are going forward here!

The main frame is set up with new corner brackets, the diagonals are dead on, and the table and frame is leveled with a machinist level!! 0.02mm/m

The controller is more or less done, all the motors are tested and working. The Z-axis is mounted and movement is tested. I will be running Mach3 for the controller on a dedicated PC.

Erwin: For the cooling i have a rather large watercooler for the spindle. Could be that i need an external cooling loop for some extra equipment…

The VFD, spindle and cooler is something i got from a place I was at work. It was mounted to a machine i did a retrofit on. And they was throwing it away. Good for me! I’m missing some cables, but have all the documentation!


Ps: I am from Vestfold, Hvarnes.. about 30km north or Larvik