Build from the Rockies

Hello all,

I have been printing the parts for my MPCNC for almost a week now and they are coming out great. I am going to be building my wood table and spoil board setup this weekend while some of the parts print. I have not ordered the hardware yet because I’m trying to decide weather to source myself or order the bundle from V1.

[attachment file=109903]

I only have a crappy pic of the feet printing but I will upload more to this thread as I continue the build.

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From another newcomer: welcome aboard!

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Just ordered the MPCNC parts bundle with the mini rambo from the v1 engineering shop.

Now to finish printing these parts

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Cut the first leg from my 3/4" EMT with a Dremel. I think I need something else to make the legs smooth. Going to try a cutoff wheel.

Here are some of the printed parts so far.

[attachment file=109025]
[attachment file=109026]

So I messed up and printed a part half way with 35% infill. good news is they made good clamps for holding the conduit to cut.
[attachment file=109027]




Finished printing the parts, now on to the build

[attachment file=109628]

Had my first underextruded print. Of course it was on the 15 hour print :frowning:

I replaced the nozle and boden tubing and it’s printing nice again

[attachment file=109627]



Frame assembled, worked on it for 6 hours so far in assembly.

Hopefully I can make some headway with the electronics tomorrow

[attachment file=109900]
[attachment file=109901]



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Mocked up the wiring and added the belts. Got to see it move with the smart controller :slight_smile: getting close!!!

[attachment file=110291]

I really like how these belt tensioners turned out they made it easy to adjust the belt to get the right feel while the bed is moving

[attachment file=110290]

[attachment file=110289]


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It’s Alive