Build in INdiana

I ordered the kit in June and have spent that time on and off building a table, printing the parts and figuring out the wiring interspersed with rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing.

The table isn’t flat or square due to lack of tools (if only I had a cnc machine!), Printed parts are iffy, and my assembly a bit lackadaisical but it’s together now and it can make pictures!

I’m ecstatic and looking forward to making more items. Improving upon all the above will also be something to do in this 0F weather (when not skiing lol).

The first test

And the first “custom” creation. Picture from Google-inkscape-estlcam. This machine is cool😁


The small pics seemed to be working out shrug so I wanted to draw something on more area of the table. First sample showed the table definitely isn’t parallel to the rails. Between 6-10 mm difference between one end and the other😬. But printed some shims at different sizes and quickly got it within a few mm between the ends. Also needed to tighten the grub screws since the right Y axis was slipping and tensioned the belts a bit more.

Next up is a better pen holder, currently electrical tape, and maybe route the table flat.

And the table which is one of the top projects to (re)build on the lowrider.

And last “trials” before I start making items for real.
First test was with 1/8" single flute mill from V1 and second with the 45’ V-bit. I feel like there’s more settings in estlCAM I could change somewhere but I think it worked out decent.

Now onto real projects and five tuning as I go!