Build size advice

Hi everyone,
I’m currently printing out my parts. I’m printing with petg 70% infill and 6 perimeters for all parts. I picked up 3 10 foot lengths .065" wall stainless steel pipe.

This will only be used as a cnc router, no intentions on 3D printing with it. Looking to mill 1/4" aluminum, mdf (3/4) and acrylic. The aluminum sheet I need to mill out of is 24" x 24". Part is alittle under 21" x 21". Going to be ordering the spindle in the parts list.

I’m trying to figure out what my best bet for my build size. I was thinking about cutting two of the ss pipes into threes and that would give me 40" for x and y. Or should I go off of the cut calculator and make the rails 34.4? Is 10.4" pretty accurate to add on? Hate to cut the pipe to find out I can’t fit my 24" piece under it. Does it leave any wiggle room? Would I see a difference with 34.4" vs 40"?

Z height, should I stick with 1.5" or go with 3.5" and just build up my material depending what I’m cutting? Do I need to calculate in for bit length as well?

Any suggestions? Thanks for your time! Excited to get this thing built!

You will probably be fine. You can always cut them shorter.

6 perimeters isn’t a good idea the thin walled stuff won’t get infill and you will end up with a weak part, 2-3 more causes problems.

All my petg parts are 3 perimeter at 50% infill.

Thanks for the replies guys…

The petg orange that I have was too transparent for my liking, so I up the perimeters so that you couldn’t see the infill. Never dawned on me about strength. I’ll back off perimeters.

Thanks, I’ll give 40" length a try.