Build starting soon.

So, over the next couple weeks I will be printing the parts for the Lowrider. I just attempted to print some parts, but over the few times i’ve had to relocate my printer the bed has unleveled itself. So, once I move my printer to where I want to keep it, I will re-level it and start printing parts. I don’t trust my cnc machine enough to cut the plates, so that part has me stumped at the moment. Maybe I should attempt to put my MPCNC together. I have all the parts printed, I may have to reprint some of them though, and order the proper sized bolts. A menards just opened within the last 6 months so maybe I could just buy the hardware there :slight_smile:

What I did start printing was looking good though lol.

I’ll be ordering the wheels from here, I searched high and low and Vicious1 has the best price for them i’ve been able to find.

Any tips or tricks from anyone who’s already started building?

It seems like the DW611 is the router of choice, I have a Rigid r24012, I like it, but I haven’t been able to find an 1/8th collet for it.


I hope to have the flat parts and printed parts available soon, if you can’t find any other solution.

The dang wheels, I thought there were readily available, but I bought out my supplier…I have a decent inventory but I have been on the hunt for black wheels for months (that have a reasonable price).

check the link I have up for the 611 collet, they seem to make them for all kinds of routers. If you do switch you will need to redesign the router plate a bit. Shouldn’t be hard it could easily be done by hand if you had to.

Haha, i’m so lazy.

I set up a webcam so I could watch my printer from the bedroom.

I thought this was pretty cool.


Annnnnnd due to the storms, lost power at 85%.

I really should invest in a ups for the printer.

If you print from an SD card, and have it set to not print until the hot end reaches temp, I’ve had it continue on after a power outage…