Bundle vs. buying parts locally

What would thw rough cost difference be between getting the parts from local sources vs. just buying the bundle? I started looking into a couple parts and it seems pretty substantial just based on stepper motors, but if it only ends up being another 20% I may just save some time and grab the bundle itself (depending on shipping to Canada).

I priced Ryan’s Kit against the cheapest I could find on AliBay and the savings were minimal especially if you put any value on your time.

Where are you finding “substantial” savings on the stepper motors?I looked around at steppers quite a bit and I think the absolute best price I found on a direct replacement was something like $9.50/ea.

Direct from supplier:


I’m not saying the steppers themselves are going to net you huge savings, I’m just saying that based on the percentage between the two (the first link is just over 2/3rds the cost of what’s on this site) the savings could be worthwhile if the rest of the parts are similarly lower in price.

I need to pick up some stainless tube before I start printing my parts anyway, so I’m not exactly in a rush to get anything. I’m just curious what people have found comparing the two. That said, the shipping to Canada looks pretty reasonable, so it shouldn’t play too heavily into the decision.

I think in the end I would still buy it here to support the site, given all the work that went into the design, but the engineer in me can’t help but be curious.

If I just need a servo I’ll pick one up any old place. But starting a build I’ll buy the bundle here, because it’s just easier, and I know all the parts are correct.

Plus I like throwing Ryan a couple of bucks for all his work.

Same here, but I have to batch it… He doesn’t offer V1 Prime accounts with free 2 day shipping… yet.

I bought my first two kits straight from Ryan, and when I built the MP3DP, he wasn’t offering kits, so I just bought the stuff where I could find it and donated a designer’s fee. It makes more sense for Ryan to just source, sort, count, and test all the parts (he’s gotten really good at it :D). The shipping is maybe more wasteful, because he buys stuff shipped to him, then he ships to us. But that’s not so bad because he buys stuff in the gazillions, so it’s more effective to ship.

Plus, if he’s packing boxes all day, it gives the rest of us more time to respond in the forums :).

If you are buying piecemeal other sites can be a bit cheaper per-item. But the cost to ship 5 motors is the same as the cost to ship the entire bundle which is what makes piecing it together (especially from domestic suppliers) less than appealing. Yes you can roll the dice on ePackets from the Far East, but that takes 2-8 weeks and quality is not exactly guaranteed.

I haven’t been to the V1 shop for a while. Free shipping on orders over $270, plus reward “crew” points. Close enough!

Now only if he opened up a shop in Canada…

I’ll probably end up grabbing the bundle. Saves me time and gives him money for his work.

Now all I need to do is make the thing…and find some place to put it.