Burly Build in Tennessee

Here is my build after the first crown test a few minutes ago. This is all C size “burly” design parts. I printed all the parts using a heavily upgraded Anet A8 (with enclosure) out of PLA, except for the roller plates. On those I used a thicker design from Thingiverse out of red ABS. The build is 13" square working area, which resulted in a footprint of 24" square. I have it mounted to a 26" square of 3/4" MDF for now. Legs were cut to 3", as I plan on mounting another 3/4" square of MDF on top of the base, as a spoil board. Sometime in the future, I hope to mill aluminum, and possibly even steel if I get skilled enough.

I built the wiring harness myself, as I got fairly competent at crimping pins and building connectors when I modified the 3D printer to use a remote control board. The 4 color LED 22 gauge wiring worked well, as I had 50 meters of that. I also had 10 meters of fiberglass GT2 belt, again from maintenance and upgrade for the 3D printer.

One interesting thing, is that I polished the 3/4" conduit, sourced from a local Lowes store. I first used #1 steel wool lightly to remove any corrosion, then a firm polish with #0000 steel wool. After that, I used metal polish and spun the conduit using a drill with a 3D printed mandrel gadget I found here on this forum. Finally, a last polish using car polish, and they ended up looking like they were chrome plated. It sure made a difference on how smoothly the rollers operated on the conduit.

The only snafu I had in construction was a couple of open connections on the wiring harness where I crimped a DuPont pin a little too hard. I had a bit too much confidence in my wiring skills, and had to back up and retest everything.

At any rate, still a long ways to go here. I plan on making the router tool mount from ABS, sometime this week. Many thanks to V1 Engineering for the extensive resources, that I spent a lot of time consulting.




Perfect crown, A+ build.


Welcome to the crew!

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Thank you. By the way, I’m a retired Engineering Manager. I spent a lot of time with squares and calipers double-checking dimensions.

Ahhhh, no, a clip board carrier! …well you were already welcomed to the crew, I guess I can’t take it back now…

J/K glad it made the cut!

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Ha-ha! Actually, the last few years of my professional career, I spent more time as a bean counter wrestling with folks in accounting. The little time I did get to spend with “the real nuts and bolts”, was a relief compared to that. Now that I’m retired, I can indulge in projects like this, so I’m having a blast.

Congrats, I hope my retirement is just like yours…still doing this! Okay now you can whole heartedly be welcomed back to the crew.