Burly "C" (3/4" conduit),non dual end-stops, plastics including loaded core (minus lead nut)

I just finished my Primo Build so here’s my old Burly parts if anyone wants them. You just pay for shipping.

THE GOOD: Worked well when in service (see pic #4) Also, free!

THE BAD: The Z_Lower part is cracked at the pinch bolts, should probably be re-printed, but still keeps the coupler against the bearing.

THE UGLY: Due to size restrictions on my original printer, I had to split the XYZ plates. They are rigid enough for use once the core was assembled. When you add the lead-screw nut to the top it’s solid. Also the bottom XYZ plate didn’t finish printing due to a power outage, but (see THE GOOD) :sweat_smile:

Here are some pics:

You also get the DW660 mount and the 2 conduit end-caps that didn’t break when I broke it down.


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