Burly parts to a good home

Dismembered burly parts in very good condition. He gave his life for his younger brother Primo. Pay for shipping and they’re yours. This is the conduit size. 3D printed parts and a few pieces of conduit sadly no hardware.

A few extra parts included. I’ll let you figure out what they’re for. Maybe they aren’t even for the burly. You can even have the bits of conduit I didn’t want to take out of the feet.


I’m really interested. Will this fit 3/4" conduit?
I’m borrowing a friend’s 3d printer but this could help me out from bothering them too much.

Yes this was a 3/4” Home Depot conduit special.

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Nice build!

Please message me about your shipping and payment preferences :slight_smile:

very interested. will you ship to 98661?

Sorry already gone.